Working On A Baby Dragon.


Dragons are soooo cool. Robot Dragons are even Cooler! Nice idea and work.

What are you going to use to pull back on the neck rods? Seems like your really pulling hard to get him to lift his head?


do you have a template for this project?
what kind of cable did you use for the neck?
I want to make one!

I cant tell you enough how much I love this project.


Thanks guys, I am using aircraft cable bought it at Home Depot building store. As for pulling the neck cords, They do need a little bit more pull then the EZ robot servo's can manage so I have ordered some higher torque servos they should do the trick, if not then I will have to redo the neck.
I do have some templates I have been doing a lot of this with card to get everything right then trace it onto the garbage cans.
here is a video of what I did today. Hope you guys like it.


Love it! he looks like he's just out of the egg and trying out his new wings.

Are you going to cover his skeleton with some type of "skin"? I found this stuff called Dragon Skin" through a link Robot58 pointed me to:

The guy using it in this Instructables tutorial says it's high end and used by a lot of special effects prople. He's actually doing something of the same thing your doing but making a tentacle. Take a look if your intersteted:

Keep up the very cool work!


Oh man, when's the kit come out? I want one! Grin Grin Grin


Thanks for those links I will be checking them out once my kids go to school. I do not know if I will be skinning him yet. I am planning on taking him to the local school for my annual visit, (Every year I am invited to the local schools to show off the replica props and costume I make, here's a link to my website I thought it would be good for the kids to see the workings of the dragon. I was called my the Principle of one of the schools last year after my visit, he said he had never seen the Gr7-8 class as enthusiastic about anything as he had seen them with regards to how I built the props.
I also had a dream last night about the wings, I went to the local hardware store and found some thin hollow pipe (lightweight) that I used instead, it held its shape better then the thin plastic I am currently using. So I may go and see if I can find any today.
Thanks for all the kind words about the project, this is my first ever try and animatronics and I am loving it.


Is this gonna be a walker?


No, I was thinking of making a nest as its base.


Well I just got back from the local hard ware store and found the perfect piece of plastic tubing, it is 5ft long and only 7/8 of an inch diameter. It is light weight and should work well for the wings. I will be trying it out tomorrow and will post pictures.


awesome... @skaterjk thanks for the links.

@familyman can you point me in the right direction for a template of this creation...

also, just a thought. same set up for the neck can be used for the body (much bigger rings) and for he tail (much smaller rings.

this way you can get tail movement and the dragon can "sit up"