Working On A Baby Dragon.



when I was a kid I always liked to build those wooden dinosaur/dragon/spider kits. You know the ones that all linked together, no glue needed. I would pretend they would come to life and stuff like that. Well thanks to EZ Robot I am now making my dreams come true. I am building an animatronic Dragon in the same style as those wooden kits.
I am using white plastic garbage cans as the main material for this build, I am also using some light wood for the main body to screw everything on to.
Here is what I have so far.

User-inserted image

Testing size of wing.

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Here is the build album


This is awesome!


Very nice work.


If you want something a little better than white garbage bags, old white bed sheets dipped into white glue in the same way that you make paper mache will work 1000x better. It will harden and have a better structure for your body. It paints easy and you can create layers that are shingled to give the effect of scales.




It reminds me of the Dragon on DragonSlayer.

Really neat.


Thanks guys I appreciate the kind words. At the moment the hard plastic garbage cans are working just great, but I am very intrigued by the white sheets in glue. I may try that for another build, thanks.
Here are some videos of the work so far.
Building head.

Eyelid movement test

Neck test

Wing test.




Just a suggestion you could pick up some thin fabric for the wings and use polyester or even something stretchy so that it won't wrinkle up and material is usually 3 to 5 dollars a yard. Cool project though. I remember as a kid wanting to build the original power rangers zords. Khudos


that's for the video updates! amazing project!