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Wireing Wheelchair Motors To Hbridge With 24v.

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How do you setup the wiring when your motors use 24v? do I connect 2 hbridges using 1 12v per motor? Or do I connect the 2 batteries in parallel to one hbridge? I don't want to burn out my ezb. any suggestions ?

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Your EZ-B shouldn't be affected if it's wired correctly since it only tells the H-Bridge what to turn on or off.

Provided the H-Bridge can accept 24v you wire it as per usual. The L298n specs state it can take up to 46v.

Connect your 24v supply to the Vcc, Common ground to the ground, +5v from the EZ-B to the 5V and then signal wires to each of the In1-In4 and EnA and EnB


The l298n can't handle the amperage of wheelchair motors. You will need a 25amp h-bridge. (they draw about 20. You want at least 4 more for protection). The l298n is only 4 amps.

Sabertooth 2x25 or two Parralax. HB25's (I believe that is the right model number) are good choices.



Good catch! I didn't even think of that (being up for over 36 hours straight takes it toll lol).


@thetechguru do i need one or two of the HB255's?



You should only need one H-Bridge that controls two or more motors.

I just got through wiring Sunshine. I had it all but finished. But, I wasn't sure about the wiring of the HBridges. So, I put it in a logical manner.

I don't have an on/off switch or the charger hooked up at this time. So, when I hooked up the top EZB, the wrists went grrrr. Very good. I hooked up the bottom EZB and Sunshine took off going forward like a ruptered duck. It was like a bat out of hell.

The bad part about it was she was on a black and Decker workbench and she fell of going to the concrete. It pulled four wires loose from the battery and I noticed that the 12v reg was not working. I had a ground pulledd loose from it. I also had a 5v wire that came a loose.

So, I am going to regroup and start over.


The HB25 you would need 2 (assuming you want to steer). They control one motor each. Look just like a servo to the EZ-B. The Sabertooth 2x25 you would only need one, and it is far more capable, and costs only a little more than 2 HB25's.

Note: there are two "official" tutorials on the site for the Sabertooth. The more recent one, and the one to use is the one that shows using Serial control. R/C mode has not proved as reliable.



@thetechguru ok ordered the sabertooth 2x25 from ebay for 99.99 free shipping. this should be the final expense for this project. now all I need is the parts for my 3d printer to arrive and im in business. im gonna need to cut thru the metal base to remove the extra metal and wheels. any suggestions? Im thinking hacksaw.


Rent, buy or borrow a Sawzall or angle grinder if you have more than am inch to cut through. Hacksaw will get old real fast.

Where are you located? If anywhere in the Washington DC area you can use my Sawzall.

Ode to my favorite tool: A Haiku
Milwaukee Sawzall
Cuts through steel post like butter
No more chain link fence



@thetechguru thanks I have one of those at my florist. I will bring it home tomorrow and alter the base. thanks again.