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Dj Assistance Needed In The " How To Wire The Wheelchair Dept."

Assistance Requested

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@DJ Sures, Hey DJ would you have a how to on the SnowBot? I don't want to mess this guy up. It costs me $450 and I want to set it up right for the EZ-B. Any help or Links would be greatly appreciated.

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Ditto *blush*


Hey guys I'm certainly not @DJ but maybe I can help a bit.

So if you look up how some have wired up their Sabertooth Motor Controllers here on the forums, that should help you get started interfacing directly to the motors then to the EZ-B. Here's an example.

As for the brakes, looking at this diagram shows that the brakes are actually controlled by 12V solenoids that I believe have to be energized in order to release them. To energize these solenoids you'll need a high current transistor or MOSFET between the EZ-B and the solenoid. 12V power would be connected to one side (Collector/Drain) of the transistor/MOSFET then one wire of the solenoid would be hooked up to the other side (emitter/Source) and the other side of the solenoid hooked to GND. The signal from the EZ-B would be applied to the base/gate (not forgetting to add a resistor to the base of the transistor as they are current driven devices). You should again be able to browse the forums for previous advice. I believe @Rich and some others had provided a few examples.

I would suggest seeing if you can find info on your specific parts as I don't know if all the chairs have the same braking system.


Here's what I ended up doing (Jet 2 power wheelchair). There is a 9 pin Beau plug that attaches the chair base to the joystick controller. Using this plug allows me to leave all the wiring on the chair intact, allowing the onboard charging to remain as-is.

I removed the joystick controller and used the big 9-pin beau plug and wires to connect to my Sabertooth 2x25 in this manner:
2 red Beau Battery + > Sabertooth Battery +
2 black Beau Battery - > Sabertooth Battery -
1 blue Beau left motor > Sabertooth M1A
1 brown Beau left motor > Sabertooth M1B
1 white Beau right motor > Sabertooth M2A
1 green Beau right motor > Sabertooth M2B

Beau small purple wire and small white wire are for something else so I left them disconnected for now.

I ran a ground from my EZ battery pack black wire to the black terminal on the Sabertooth. S1 on the Sabertooth to D0 on the EZB.

The right motor is working with the EZB Sabertooth Serial Control Panel, but the left is not yet. I'm probably doing something wrong in EZB on the control panel or have a loose wire. Or maybe I killed the motor somehow.

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Ok I did this. Opened up the rear portion of the wheel motor. removed the brake. cut the 2 brake wires. tested the wheels with 12v and 24v and they both work fine. Once sabertooth arrives I will connect it to the ezb and done. As for the recharging im using the charger that came with it, modified to be connected only to the 2 batteries.