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Dj How Disi You Wire Up The Wheels On The Shovel Bot?

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Hey DJ, I just scored 2 Pride Revo Scooters. The Wheel assembly has a thick red and blk wire and a thin yellow and black wire the red/blk work great for forward and reverse(switch polarity) but how do I make it turn?

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You may want to post pics


The motors I have on my scooter base have an electric lock. they are small wires going into the motor/gearbox. They need a few volts to unlock the gearbox.


@dj Sures. Ok but is yours one with 2 motors one for ea. wheel or 1 motor for both wheels?and the wires for the grear box. they make the wheel lock for turning?


I'm fairly certain @DJ's shovel bot has two independent motors, I suppose the wheel lock is for default braking (so the scooter doesn't run away on you until it is the throttle is activated). His chassis was from a wheel chair rather than scooter so the 2 separate motors are needed to be able to turn in a tight radius, I have a feeling that the scooter has a single axle at the back and the two wheels can't be driven independently.



the guy I got them from will swap the 2 for a compass motorized chair. Same a the Hoveround with independent wheels. plus and additional $150. what can I do but swap it and move on.


Sorry man that sucks , it's not such a good deal anymore


@jstarne1 not really. when i was going thru craigslist scooters were cheap but the hoveround and similar chairs were $500 and up. Plus they looked like they went to hell and back. this guy is in the business. he repairs and refurbishes the chairs,scooters and alike. he is going to look for the motors wit the wheels only and get me a price for the future bots.Since I am going to have to make 2 more LeXI's for this party company, i'll be better off to have them now.