Servo Driven Mechanical Iris! Great For Robot Eyes!


Ok browsing Thingiverse and came across a mechanical 3d printed iris box. as seen below. First thing that comes to mind is animated eyes for our bots. I figured you can hide the leaves expanded from behind a cover plate so all you see is the eye ring and the iris open and close via servo control. this was awesome so i dig some more on youtube to see it in action and i come across the video below. this can be made for paper,this balsa wood plastic gift cards etc. I am going to use the image at the very bottom to make stl files of the parts and print them thin o the makerbot. i think this will work and how sweet will LeXI's face be with this new feature.

The thingiverse 3d printable Iris.

User-inserted image

Video of the template below in action

the template for the Iris.
User-inserted image

here is a better version. just don't print the glasses frame.





Love it!