Servo Ghosting.


Well i setup my lower arm and attached my servos to the ezb. Now my problem is when i move 1 servo another servo freaks out. Then they both stop and k have to rest the ezb. Note no heavy resistance so i knoew its not s power issue.


Are you powering the servos with their own power supply or are you using the EZ-B power source ?


Ezb power


What type of power source is running the EZ-B and what are the specs on the servos ?


Sounds like the EZ-B voltage regulator is maxing out. Power the servos off their own power, as the EZ-B is great for a few servos, but not a lot. It can provide up to 5 amps, but it'll heat up quickly without a fan.

Connect a fan:


@ DJ Sures Question, Can I run all the voltage regulators off the same battery? I'm using 2 x 12v 9amp batteries. 1 will run the EZ-B and the drive train, the other will run the 20 servos. will this work ok? Also is it ok to run 2 servos of 1 regulator or do I need to have a regulator for each servo.


Connect both batteries together in parallel to increase the amperage.

You will not be able to connect the servos directly to 12 volts, as the servos will burn out.

Are you using the Heavy Duty servos for the arms, head etc? The standard plastic servos included in the kit won't have enough juice to lift much.

Ideally, a voltage regulator per servo is best. If you can order a few LM1084 5 Amp voltage regulators, you will be happy. Mount them to a circuit board with male pins to plug in the servos.

That way, you will have a bunch of voltage regulators on a power strip board with plugs for each servo. Makes it easy to connect and disconnect Smile


@DJ Sures Ok , I will use a regulator per servo. Im using heavy duty Robot Servos with high torque. So if I Connect the batteries in parallel the amps increase but the voltage remains the same, so I still connect the EZ-B to a single battery or to the leads from the parallel connections? Also I might decide to add a 3rd battery if the ez-b can take all the amp increases. Do you think it will work ok?


This is my really awesome photoshop talent of what the board woud look like.

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@ DJ Sures Ok you mean just the regulator component not the digital ones I'm using now. Im currently using the one in the pic below. I've got 10 so far, they are bigger, but they let me adjust the voltage. I also uploaded the servos im using.
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User-inserted image