Makerbot Digitizer Desktop Scanner


For all you makerbotters out there, the MakerBot Digitizer:

Loads of possibilities Grin


That is awesome. Thanks for posting this.


too early. 8"x8" not worth the money. hand helds are better because there is virtually no limit. also a 1.3 megapixel camera wont capture ultra fine details. this is a novelty at the moment. give it a year and then we will see something.


@aameralis Do you have any links to some hand held 3d scanners? I wasn't even aware that there were any. 3d has just recently become an interest of mine. Thanks.


I was wondering when they were gonna release the Digitizer, thanks @Niek for letting us know that it's out! Smile


im going to makerbots nyc shop this weekend. will get the details on the 3d digitizer.


Why can't you use an Xion or Kinect unit?


Try Autodesk 123D catch for the Iphone Ipad or PC


You can use a kinect, that's what they did to scan DJ's head Grin


Thanks for the 123 tip winstn60. Smile