Ez-robot Logo Plaque!


Just wanted to post this. Was working with 3D Studio and decided to make a name plate. Chose to use the EZ-Robot Logo. The name plate will be on thingiverse.com!

The EZ-Robot Logo Plaque!

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


I like this a lot. I can see it with a fake frame border with rivets or bolts in the corners. Smile


@troy like this?

User-inserted image


Yeah like that. Grin


@troy or this?

User-inserted image


Oh yeah thats even better!


@troy I figured that was more what you were talking abut.

@DJ Sures. DJ what is the font you are using for the ez-robot logo? if its a graphic do you by chance have a hi-res jpg or tiff file. the jagged edging on the letters of the lable plaque are due to the image res and size. just asking.


@aameralis they're using a custom-designed font.


The font is called Neuropolitical which is available here

More on the logo can be found in this topic


That's cool, I didn't know it was a publically available font