Niek's Ez-robot Experience


Here's a little summary for you:

There is 1 final video still to come Grin


@Niek It was great seeing your videos. It looks like you had a well balanced trip with some sight seeing, tasting some of the local foods and robot building. Did you have a favorite part of your trip? From your time with EZ-Robot does it inspire you to pursue a career in robotics?


Awesome Niek! Everyone will be hoping for great things in the future, in business and robotics Smile. Looking forward to more robot projects! Did you return with any momentos/souvenirs? Congrats!


@JustinRatliff My favourite part of the trip was definitely the time I spent in the office building robots. I also had lots of fun hanging out with the team outside of the office.
I was already planning to follow a technical course at a university. This experience made me seriously consider robotics Grin

@irobot58 Aside from a lot of new knowledge, I made and brought home Magic Mike (the robot in the video). More on him later Smile


Welke organisatie?


@thomas28 I'm sorry, what do you mean?


he said " Which organization"


@aameralis I know, but I don't get what he means by that.


you were saying you were going to take a technical course at a university. I thinks he wanted to know which one.


@niek I think Thomas means what area of robotics are you interested in. Automotive , personal robotics, assembly line ect. The different areas of robotic automation.