Question For The Ez-robot Ez-bits Design Team.


Hi guys, just got my Makerbot Rep 2 yesterday, and of course the first items I wanted to print were EZ-Bits. The first was the Camera Cover. It printed nice and smooth but too small. I took the stl untouched from my EZ-Builder folder and opened it in Makerware. centered it and hit make. 45 min later a nice piece printed just too small. Do you guys have a Gcode for the makerbot to print it correctly or do you have a tutorial on the prep and settings for printing EZ-Bits? I figured since we now have the same 3d printer it will be a breeze for you guys to help. thanks in advance.


Follow the directions to print at the settings specified. Also use raft, and most likely supports for that item.

If your printer makes it too small, use the scaling feature.


@DJ Sures Ok I did leave it just as it was. here are the screen shots.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


@DJ Sures One I did with a raft and one without.


Get the latest EZ-Builder

Use the EZ-Bit Library utility and Sync to get the latest Camera EZ-Bit. Cory says the latest Camera STL files may print better.


@DJ Sures thank you.