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Thread Update Email Glitch Since 7/27/13?

Assistance Requested

Help jstarne1 with their question and receive $10 of EZ-Credit to get more robots and parts from our store. The following information was provided about their previous efforts searching tutorials for a resolution.

jstarne1 claims to have checked these sources:

Has anyone else stopped getting thread updates when there are replies?. The last one I received was the 27th. I assumed it might have been a feature to choose which threads to follow but I see the settings are the same. I use Gmail obviously which is usually reliable. Anyways my email box has not been getting the ez-robot love. - Josh

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Check your spam folder Smile


Yup ok that's where they are , I'm not sure what is making Gmail think they are spam all of a sudden though. Hmm thanks


Thats Funny
Thats where my gmail placed it also


Darn Google how dare they think EZ Robot is spam.


i click to make not spam, then moved to forum message tab, i am using the new tab feature of gmail.

Smile Smile Smile Smile