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Are These Ez-b Compatible?

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Frustrated with the 3D printer i decided to work on LeXI's Drive Train again. I'm not liking the way the gears give a little. what i mean is if the drive train is sitting flat on the table without power and you move it back and fourth it moves a little before the wheels do. i feel it has too much play. when i tested it with LeXI' upper body attached, when it starts and stops it shifts forward or backwards. doesn't come to a immediate stop which makes her tilt forward or backward. so since i have invested well over $1800 on her alone i figure i might as well make her drive train top notch. I found these on the web but need to know if they are compatible with the EZ-B.

Motor Mount & Wheel Kit with Position Controller

User-inserted image

Motor Mount & Wheel Kit with Position Controller

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yes, just require an H-bridge controller.


@PJ_Dtechy So all I need is the H-Bridge im already using for the Omnibot's motors.Right? Also do you think this is the best price/product? Are there any others less expensive but do the same?


To be more specific the Sabertooth 2x25 motor controller will be more suited since it support wide variety of high amp H-bridges with a wide range of input voltages. past threads related to wheelchair motors. In regards to less expensive 12v brushed DC motors should do the trick, powerful enough to carry wait, high on torque, prices are reasonables.
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@aameralis since the motors draw 1.5A with no load you'll probably need to parallel up both channels of the L298 H-bridge and use a motor control board for each motor. How to do it is explained here, but if you'd like an easier diagram to follow just say the word and we (or someone in the forum) can probably whip something up.

You may be able to get away with driving them with a single L298 board, but I don't have high expectations since parallax recommends a 25A motor driver for each motor.


Sorry @PJ_Dtechy I didn't refresh the thread before I posted, yes, a sabertooth 2x25 is a good recommendation as well.


Yes they are i have a set and they worked great. I'm going to reuse them later again. I used the HB25 's as well.


@aameralis the original 2000 drive train has about 10 degrees of play , because of that and the significant gearing it does jerk when starting and stopping. It will be prone to time over if there is not a lot of weight in the bottom. I've thought about doing a set of wheelchair type motors like your looking at but due to space constraints the wheels will be poking out each side. A cheaper and more discreet option may be heavy duty roomba motors and wheels. They have encoders too but are not required to use. At robotshop they are 22 dollars a set for new replacments or there's eBay but I like new Smile. Perhaps replace the 4 drive wheels with roomba wheels. Each set can easily tote around 25 to 30 pounds , two sets is 50 to 60 pounds and three sets to replace all wheels and 6wd would hold up to 75 to 90 pounds
User-inserted image 22 dollars a set. There is a known mod that costs about 5 dollars I hear to upgrade the little motor in the roomba wheel assembly to allow them to support about 20 more pounds per set as well. I myself agree with you , the original drive train is loud and jerky.


@jstarne1 Thanks for the heads up. The price is much better. I got 3 pr. of the 500 series wheels seen below. looks like an easy install. good thing i got a deal on h-bridges the other day bought 4 of them. so i should be good to go. thanks again to all that contributed to my question.

User-inserted image


Here is some information for you. On my Marti Robot (you can take a look under project showcase), I built Marti and she was about 5' high, maybe 4', I don't remember. But, the thing is, when I operated her, she would tilt back when going forward and tilt forward when going back. I don't think it is about the motors. It is about the Balance. Or, maybe it is not possible without a Dr. degree in physics and geometry. She gave up her life so I could built "Sunshine."

I was hoping the Sunshine would not do all of the tilting, etc. Just like you, I have a tremendous investment in her. But, this is the price we pay as Pioneers.

Josh may have some answers if we can get a hold of him. He also made a comment that he put his omni base on there backward to solve some type of problem.

Please keep me informed because I am building and un-building along with you.