Beer Butler , Cans, Bottles Or On Tap With Built In Chiller


Possible upgrade over this smaller unit. T e current one is about 40 watts.

TEC1-12709 Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier 12V 90W
Model number: TEC1-12709
Voltage(V): 12V Umax (V): 15.4V Imax (A): 9A
QMax (W) : 138.6W
Dimensions : 40mm x 40mm x 3.6mm

On Amazon it's 9.50 so they are very cheap.


Hey Josh! Neat idea with the Peltier. I'll be following your build for sure.


Thanks Rgordon and Bret , after friends saw the Brewster video they started saying " so why don't you have a robot bring you a beer" "why doesn't your robots do something useful". Take in mind cleaning robots are not exactly what guys think is fantastic lol. So beer bot challenge it is! This one is keeping the KISS rule though , keep it simple stupid lol.


good luck with your beer bot, josh!



I'm digging it Josh Winky


Ok for the 29 dollars spent on this thing it proved to be constructed much better than I anticipated. After removing all screws the fit is very tight plus about 8 clips. Eventually I became frustrated and man handled it and put my foot right through the bottom. Booyah!
As you can see there are two cans. A outside and inside smaller one. The smaller one is for the refrigerated area so it can be insulated with expanded foam or polyester Matt. I like the idea of expanded foam though because it stiffins and will reduce chances of denting the outer skin with support behind it.


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Alright just checking on how much room I have here. Basically I would like the refrigerated area to be at least deep enough to store 12 bottles or a 24 pack of cans. I would like for it to be deep enough for a standard sized 750ml wine bottle of which it could hold three of. Here are the pics for reference.
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The area I'm insulating is very deep and longer than the original straw. I used some duck tape and connected a drinking straw to extend how far I could get the foam in the crevice. It took two cans of great stuff expanding foam to fill the gap all the way around.
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Josh, that's coming along pretty well so far. Here is something to consider. I have had a lot of those 12v coolers over time. They work pretty well, but the cold side does create condensation. You might want to incorporate some sort of removable drip tray in the bottom.