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Cubify Cube 3d Printer. Anyone Else Have One? Looking For Assistance.

Assistance Requested

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Ok setup the printer, loaded my first model. EZ-Bits Camera cover. Printed nice but.... doesn't fit. loaded the stl file as is from the site to the printer. anyone have any 3d print experience? want to finish LeXI's parts but dont want to waste materials and time doing it wrong. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The things that go with being a Pioneer. Sheesh! Sorry you are having issues.

Robot-Doc has 3D experience,but with a simlar printer, not yours.



Every printer will be a little bit off in size. There is a scaling value in their software, which allows you to modify the size of the object. I would recommend scaling the object and printing again. The dimensions are correct for every part, however they will require scaling for different kinds of printers. Each printer will print at a slightly different resolution.


@djsures Thanks dj, i was up til 4am trying to get it work right. Finally figured out the problem. When i imported the stl file, i hit heal, which somehow added a inner layer of thickness plus i did not know what the "supports added" meant which was also additional inside when i reprint i,ll be sure to observe these settings. I finally printed a piece of LeXI,s new arm and it printed perfectly. So thank you for quick responce as always.


Anytime! Smile I haven't seen the Cube yet. Will you be able to post a sneak peak video of it sometime?


@djsures heres some picks first you will see the mishap of the ezb case and after hrs of trial and error the prime piece of LeXI's arm. will post video asap.


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Prime product.

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@djsures Thanks again.