Omnibot 2000 As An Adult


Omnibot 2000 with original functions plus an ez b controller
User-inserted image. it uses an omnibot 2000 and an omnibot torso for added height.The eyes are 2 usb logitech usb cameras.Inside top of the head is a Chumby internet touchscreen for streaming music and radio stations.Front of robot has an android tablet.Left arm and drive base use ezb controller.

User-inserted image


nice work. what did you do to level the top bod to the omnibot lower bod. since the neck areas are slanted. also post some more pics. looks nice. looks like leXI is going to have a big family...


Oops, I guess I should look before I post Smile

As said in the other one, cool idea of using 2 torsos


Really cool!


Good Job! I like the idea of putting eyes bulging. Cool.


Amazing ! Nice piece of work, congratz! Videos ?


This project is a lot of fun.I will post additional pictures and info..The upper torso is supported to level with a 6inch support bar that is bolted to lower section...



Would love to see pictures of how you added the 6inch support's looking great!


I love these large Omni2000s!


Here are some photos of torso mount
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image