Tutorial: Voltage Regulators And The Ez-b.


here my first tutorial on Voltage Regualtors and my EZ-B mishap


Any chance of a written version with photos? While video is all good I know a lot of people here don't use English as their native language and can struggle to understand accents. Also, you can't print or scan over quickly a video.

FYI, the ground can connect to the EZ-B digital port ground pin, you can take the logic and ground from the EZ-B and connect it up, the ground will then become common.

Did you mention the part number or make, model etc. of the voltage regulator? I've found they are difficult to get hold of other than from China or unless you are in the USA.

Hopefully this doesn't come across the wrong way or comes across as I'm just being critical, I try to be constructive.

Other than that, nice video Smile


@rich being my first tutorial, feedback is crucial. will take into effect the details and resources as well as a possible text version.


Awesome aameralis! thanks for posting in a new thread! Smile


here is the link to the Voltage regulators. they are on Ebay. $5.99

Voltage Regulators
User-inserted image

Here are the additional Servo cables link

Servo Cables


thanks so much for making the video. You talk at the correct rate and showed everything.

Would like a message with parts used.

Again thanks, for sharing. Smile Smile Smile Smile