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Ez-b Popped A Regulator Need To Know Which One To Buy.

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Well it had to happen when i was all suped up about my 3d printer. talk about a buzz kill. anyway i was working with the ez-b last night and a wire from another project must of touch the ez-b where the regulator/heatsink is and POP! freaked me out. i thought i fried the ez-b but it was the regulator only that poped. i need to know the make and model of the regulator so i can replace and install. the ez-b is working fine but wont give any voltage to the servos. i can run them on with the external power source. any help will be appreciated, a link to where to buy or if radio shack carries it. thanks in advance.

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You're looking for a 5 volt 5 amp LM1084-5


I too faced the same problem... My regulator that supplies voltage to servos LM1084 popped up and now I am going to replace it...


I ordered 10 of them for the EZ-B boards (5) I have from They are $2.02 plus $5 USPS shipping when you order 10. If just ordering 1 the price goes up to $2.47.

Mouser part number : 926-LM1084IT50NOPB
MFG Part Number LM1084IT-5.0/NOPB
5A LDO Pos Regs


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I just wanted to confirm that @Robot-Doc gave you the correct information here Smile


Thanks guys. Order some on eBay,alwys good to have but a few just in case.


@Robot - Doc Thanks! for the info!