Ez-mini v4 Prototype Sneak Peek


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" a sneak peek by Niek" nice rhyme Smile we all know its a mini but how mini? Smile ..slide a ruler by it ..I am guessing 2.5 inches by 2.5!


Or, lay it down next to a V3. And thanks for the sneak peek !


That's actually a v4 prototype - but the labeling hasn't been updated Smile


cool! thanks for the peak!


Thanks for the pic Smile

@irobot, look at it logically, pin headers are 0.1" spacing, you have 11 down the one side, plus the vcc/ground makes 12. You have 3 either end (ADCs and D7 to D0) so that's another 6 on top of the 12 which is 18. Plus 0.1" gap around the edge totalling 20 x 0.1"

My guess is the board will be 2" x 2"

I just stumbled upon something else Grin
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That prototype is missing a few new features for the next weeks version. Including an audio amplifier and new ports for the EZ-chain... Which networks EZ-b's on the same connection.


Is this a sign that the mini V3 is here?

EDIT: just went to the shop. WE'RE SO CLOSE! My Rad project AleX just got very happy!


@Rich ..and DJ ...thanks so much for more information Smile The leaks are turning into a stream Smile
@Technopro .....luv your enthusiasm!


Did i read that correctly ¿ We can daisychain the new ones together ¿¿¿ Grin