@nomad... it's just a plastic mask with servos and leds so it will work fine with any version of the ezb



yes i know that. i mean the mask is not chowing in ez builder under robots.


@nomad18.08 You don't need a control for it... it's not a robot... it's just 3 servos, 2 leds and a plastic mask... It's not difficult to animate using simple scripts or the auto positioner control.....See here....





Looks great! Very realistic looking. Well done!


Here is a photo of my robot and the mask I used.

There is an EZ camera installed which looks thru the hole in the nose. I used 2 standard EZ servos in the neck which allows movement. The eyes are made from white plastic eggs which are glued to the servo arms on 2 micro servos.

@ nomadTMBS

She does facial tracking and eye tracking which I know you have done. Just be sure if you use micro servos get a voltage reducer so you don't burn them out.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

PS the mask was about $5.00 at a craft store.


thanks for the tip