Looking For And A 3d Printer.


Hey guys need your help. I decided on getting a 3d printer. My budget is $1500.00. I'm new to 3d printing world and need guidance. What brand and resolution...ply abs? Any help would be greatly appreciated. My specs I'm looking for would be mainly resolution and print size.


I have heard some horror stories about 3D printing. I would advise you to actually put your hands on one and like it before you buy it. Or, get a money back guarrantee if it doesn't work for you. Don't shop by price alone. D.J. himself had a horror story before he purchased a second 3D printer. The first one was made by Make Magazine and would waste more materials and supplies than it would print. After waiting 4 Hours and it was almost through, it would hang up and squirt stuff all over I believe. I don't remember ever detail, but D.J. had nightmares over it. You might ask him.


Makerbot is a known name however DJ was having problems with theirs and with support. I believe this has all be solved now and their support is better too.

Cube's CubeX is also a good one, it's the other one EZ-Robots have set up. I would have faith in DJ having made good choices.

There are cheaper, you can get replica makerbots since the replicator was open source however support is likely to suck.


A 3-D printer robot made by one of our members.


Maybe you can contact him and a least discuss the good/bad experiences he has had.


ok I found this one which seems to have all the right specs. its the Cube® 3D Printer . Anyone heard of it?


Yep Cube, read my reply from earlier Smile (I guess the manufacturer is Cubify not Cube as I had thought)

EZ-Robots use a CubeX 3D Printer, the Cube is just the step down from the CubeX


yes they have 2 models. one is $1300 the other is $2300. the $1300 prints an area of 5.5"x5.5"x5.5". this would be perfect for robot parts brackets and gears.


I haven't heard any complaints from DJ about the CubeX, he was at one time almost promoting it so I would have faith that the Cube is just as good and will give you what you need.

It may pay to wait and see if any of the EZ-Robot staff who have used it see this topic and chip in though, they may know more than I've found out but if you are too impatient to wait personally I would take the plunge and go for it - but it's your money Grin


I will ask Cory who is our solidworks/3d printing guru to chime in...


Here's a URL to the Flashforge 3D printer While at the website go to the support section that will contain a URL to a Google user forum using this 3D printer.