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Powering A Mini Pc Running At 24v.

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Looking for a way to power a mini intel i3 brick pc running at 24v. Need to know what battery source and battery life exp.

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24v battery or 2x12v in series.

Life expectancy depends on the power consumption of the PC, which will vary depending on what it is doing. You will need to find out the wattage of all components, this will be the worst case scenario. Once you have that you can calculate the amps it will draw. Then, take the battery capacity and calculate the time it will last for.

For instance, if the PC draws 100watts, your battery is 24v 12Ah.

100 watts = 4.167 amps.
Calculated by;
I = P/V
I = 100/24
I = 4.167A

Now you have 12Ah battery so that will supply 1 amp for 12 hours, 2 amps for 6 hours, 12 amps for 1 hour etc.
Capacity/demand = time in hours
12Ah/4.167A = 2.88hours

You will need to substitute the values I used for your own.


thanks rich i knew it would be up your alley. thanks.