Brewster The Beer Buddy


Have another Roomba doing the cleaning. I removed all brushes and vacuum to reduce weight on the beer buddy need to add weight on the front though tends to lean back at times tripping the front wheel sensor to halt.


how does your gripper work? did you make it yourself? if so, how'd u make it?


Here is a image of my gripper may switch to a stronger servo same as the arm servos which are Savox high torque.
User-inserted image


This is awesome! Ive been wanting to tackle a project like this for a while..


wow! theres a lot to your claw. is that gear for giving your claw more grabbing power(torque)? Your claw is interesting.


I love it. It's living proof that necessity is the mother of invention.


This is fantastic! We can't wait to see the final version and have one delivering beer in the office Smile


Here it is Brewster the beer buddy updated video.


That is great, did it pick the music? lol



@RobMcc very nice job and video !