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How To Use Your Own Image Ez-builder Wallpaper?

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wanted to know if we could use our own images as wallpaper in EZ-Builder. checked the app dir- and now wallpaper.jpg. just wondering.

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If you can search the directory and find the wallpaper image, take the photo you want to use as a background, and call it the name of the image you think is the wallpaper. Then delete the old picture if it hasn't been already. That's one way to do it, and I'm not sure if it will work but it seems stable in my head.


yes i tried but there are no image files in the entire EZ-Builder dir.


Yes, I looked into this about a week or so ago. It appears coded in. It must be complied into one of the dll files or in the exe. Maybe this is a new Feature Request? Winky


For the first year of EZ Builders life we were able to choose a wallpaper background. They were choices given from within EZ Builder and I don't think we were ever able to use our own images. One day months and months ago the EZ Team removed that option. I think I remember a statement from DJ saying that a feature of adding wallpaper would be included in a future release. I don't know if he meant we could add our own images or not.

Anyway, it's my "guess" that a background image (unless it very optimized) takes up a lot of computing power and the option of adding our own may bog down the program. I think that's why we haven't seen this offered yet.


My issue is since I will have EZ-Builder running from LeXI's on board PC and seen on her backpack lcd. I would like to have a custom wallpaper so her logo and colors match my theme.


You could always use nodejs to build a custom GUI as a front for EZ-Builder.


How do you make a custum GUI over ezbuilder?


Read the nodejs page and documents. I think he is still working on it so expect a few bugs and whatnot.

However, with the wallpaper option in EZ-Builder now this becomes cleaner and nodejs isn't required for a custom looking UI, just some clever photoshop skills to put a background around the controls.


you can select custom wallpaper by viewing the project details.

Look under the Project tab and select Details in the top ribbon menu