Ez-builder Systems Req.?


Whats the pc req. to run EZ-Builder? im using a i7 laptop with 16gigs so i cant tell its req. since my system is over qualified. so whats the breakdown. i need to know because i want to pick up a laptop to run EZ-Builder onboard LeXI. I dont wanna get something that cant handle it.


It depends on what you are going to use. If you want the camera to be working a lot then you will need a better spec than if it's just controlling a few servos. (I know what you have running, this is for others searching the same thing).

Minimum of Windows 7, 4Gb ram (prefered, you may get by with 2Gb), dual core 2Ghz or so, something around there. It's not an exact science and no official specs have been posted but user experience has shown a lot.

The Acer One netbook is a popular choice. Strip down Windows 7 and it runs very well from reports I've heard.


Hey aameralis,

I know DJ has demoed EZ-Builder on an amd c50 with 4 GB ram which is a pretty slow machine Smile

It's a very optimized software program, but of course the more you do with it the slower it will get.


I am running it on an old laptop that runs at 1396 Mhz and 512 MB of ram on winxp pro/home i dont have voice control or video processing the voice dont work because of bad sound card but other than that it works great


Currently running on an atom cpu 1ghz, 1gig notebook PC for show and tell. It seem to work fairly well, camera tracking, image processing are the most demanding task.