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Hosing For Neck And Shoulder Joints Omnibot 2000

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looking for replacement hose material for the omni's next and shoulder joints. was gonna go the dryer vent hose but cant find them made of plastic. all are wire framed with fabric covering. any ideas?

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Of road shocks are cheap and come in all diameters. They also come in like 10 colors. Just measure the diameter you need then cut the length from a shock boot. When I was looking I easily found what I was looking for at pep boys.


Dust extraction hose is flexible plastic not cloth. A uk site that sells it is Duct Store. Since Google seems to default to local US sites aren't popping up for me but Google for PVC Dust Extraction Hose and see what pops up.


@Rich -that looks Exactly what we need. But, the price is way over budget. :-(


I have some at work but it's attached to the portable Air Con unit so can't steel any Frown

I need similar for Melvin's neck, so far I've just ignored it but it'll come one day, hoping to find it in short lengths somewhere local. From memory I think it was the OmniMC showcase where it was mentioned before with a bunch more links.


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This is a pic of what I had in mind for him. There is no wire inside so its easy to cut to size. It has the accordion shape and is plenty flexible. Grab them up in 4" diameter. They are about 15 dollars and the color looks like it will compliment your design. Each person has their own preference though. Have fun!


@jstarne1 do you have a link for the one's that are 4" dia? and do they compress? they look kinda stiff? I was google'ing air duct hose and found some at 4" dia and 2" dia for arms. will post link and pics.


A WC Flexi pan connector may also do the job. 4" diameter, flexible corrugated PVC


They are silicone and are fairly soft. They are like high temp silicon baking molds. They hold their shape but are very flexible and are made to compress too.

Here are a set 15 inches uncompressed 11 inches compressed and 4.5 inches wide. $6.50 a pair

I'm considering either black or red Myself because there's no way to fit the servos in the shoulders.


heres what i ended up getting. spoke with the guy and he said its was very soft and flexable.

got 1 at 2.5" x 5' 1 at 4" x 5'

cost me $32.00 with shipping.

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