The Eyes Have It!


Ok this has been on my mind all night and of today. I had to get a visual of what the video eyes would look like and if they would add or take away from the overall project. I think we have a winner and a new way to make our bots more futuristic and customizable at the same time. Just this of the limitless possibilities we have when all we need to do to add emotion is hit a few keystrokes and a few mouse clicks and BAM! Change color style on the whim. No LEDs no soldering or re wiring just point and click. This same principle was first thought of when I decided to put a tablet in her chest. I can have the digital representation of the old cassette deck but now I can show her innards her working parts, damn her heart! They is a lot more to come.


VERY VERY cool! A robot covered in certain areas with tablets and tft's...... I think you have hit apon something very unique.....looking forward to more inspirational videos and ideas.....think about small tft screens as well ...for those really small areas Smile eye eye captain, warp speed!


Now that is so cool. What a concept! Thanks for this inspirational idea!


Love it!
I have often thought a nice small 7" tablet would make a great head & face.
Many times I've Googled in hopes of finding something just like you have done with no answer.
I hope you continue with it, perfect it, and give it to us ... LOL
You do very nice work!



A few R2 builders have used LCD screens with animated .Gif or video to simulate LED light sequences.

Some were even using cheap keychain LCDs to do this.

It's a great idea. Love the tablet idea.


Ah, so just have a TV or monitor as your robots face.... Like max headroom lol


@jstarne1 not exactly, the eyes are only animated. the head is still plastic and screws. max was full face and upper torso. the rearview monitor I found is slightly taller than Omni's face opening. so what I plan on doing is some facial reconstruction. using plastine and puddy I will fill the gap that will be mostly where the top and bottom pieces come together.


I like the look very cool dude


That's awesome! I love the 3D effect you have with the real overlay.


THat is super sweet! Do you have a template or something to share? I would like to try this.