DJ's Omnibot 2000


I just finished a short video with clips of building my Omnibot 2000, you can watch it here. This robot contains all of the great new features of EZ-Builder - Wii Remote Control - Glyph Vision Recognition - Tablet PC Touch Controlled - And more...

You may also view his personal robot page HERE for a list of materials and more videos.

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Great work man, I noticed your updated YouTube videos earlier this week with my pending Omnibot project which i'll post shortly. Plan to use your EZ-B kit when it's back in store. Omnibot 2000 is something I would also like to build instead but might be wise to start with at least 1 version that i've got already Smile


Soo Cool,

Dj what kind of display did you use ?

I like that idea for my omnibot Smile


Thanks everyone! He's coming along great. I have some real neat new features in store for EZ-Builder while playing with him.

@Pabi!o the display i found on eBay. It is a automotive Headrest LCD. I have it connected to an iPod that streams the video. I know people want to embed computers in their robots - I still am not convinced it is a worthwhile investment. I love using the touch tablet instead Smile


DJ a few questions:

1. Any reason for the robot parts in the dishwasher?
2. In the video you had something boiling in a pot what was that?
3. When will we have the kit available again?

Awesome robot by the way!!


I don't speak for DJ, but maybe I can answer some of the questions for him.

1. To clean them. Seriously. 80's robots from eBay tend to arrive rather disgusting. The dishwasher gets them nice and clean. No dirt and grime and ready to paint if you wish.

2. I *think* the stuff in the pot is something like Polymorph from SparkFun Electronics. Not sure what DJ used it for in his Omnibot 2000 build.

3. Hopefully soon! DJ has a "Hello World!" thread started that explains more.

Hope this helped! Grin


JT thanks for the reply.


@dj hey how did you may new lenses for the eyes because there's some ugly Amber going on in mine. I was thinking of etching and back spraying plexi but wanted input first, also what size is that chest screen? And how did you do lighting, I was thinking of led light instead because if significantly lower current draw. Thanks have a awesome day!


@jstarne1 I only changed the LED's Smile . I don't know if there are different color lenses for model variants? Check and see. That website is great!