Holy Crap! This Is Awesome!


Just found this video on the web about the makerfair robots,check this guy out.


Dave Shinsel is a member of the community. Loki is something of a legend as far as robots go.


Dave has all of the directions and millions it seems of photos of how to make a Loki. He even has the software already made. He also has videos of Loki operating. He built Loki some time ago, not just recent. He and his daughter just won the robot turnourment and won $25,000 I think.

He is a Great guy!



You could really easily do that with ez builder also Smile and yes, Loki is a great accomplishment! I respect that robot Smile his eyes give him an excellent personality


YES i know DAVE,i built one of his robots called seeker robot only added a second camera ,so SEEKER 2 its in my robot photos,and is uses LOKI software (part of it)


DJ will need the KINECT interface,but still the design can easy use EZB Smile


@DJ Sures my goal is to make LeXI as good or even better.And I will be doing all with EZ.B! I getting the hang of the scripting which will be heart of LeXI's personality and 1 on 1 conversations and interactions. Example: using the facial recognition to recognize someone when they come by her and for her to address that person by name.


@aameralis- you may need 2 ezb Winky


Thanks everyone Grin this is going to be an exciting summer!