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12 Volt Battery And Charger. Looking For The Best Quality And Price.

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ok my Omnibot 3000 (Lexi) is nearing completion. I now have to buy her power source. I need a battery that quickly charges hold the charge and lasts. Remember this is for a modified 31lb Omnibot 2000. So I want her to run awhile on a charge not die out in 12 min like my ar drones 2.o. Any info will be greatly appreciated. NOTE: need a supplier in US. Thank you.

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I suggest using LiPo batteries. You can get the for cheap, they are light, they charge fast and have great capacities.

A 3S LiPo battery is rated at 3 x 3.8v so 11.4v. Fully charged it is 3 x 4.2v so 12.6v.

There are downsides though. Undervoltage, if you discharge too low it will refuse to accept a charge. And charging must be done correctly, as instructed on all chargers and batteries, failure to do so may cause the battery to burst in to violent flames (honestly, if you are sensible they are very safe so do not worry about the violent flames).

You can pick these up at most RC/model stores, ebay, hobbyking etc.

I use 5000mAh 2S LiPos in my projects, they last a long time. But if they are not lasting long enough you can parallel 2 or more and increase capacity. 2 2S 500mAh LiPo batteries are around the same size as 1 SLA 6V and about 1/4 of the weight.

Strap 4 3S 5000mAh LiPos together and you have 20,000mAh of power to play with. In your 'bot you could easily fit more than enough to run for days I'm sure.

LiPo batteries do need monitoring for voltage though for the undervoltage as mentioned above. I have posted a LiPo monitor tutorial for a 2S, a 3S wouldn't be much different, if the time comes I am more than happy to guide you on that. Alternately you can buy LiPo monitors that beep on low voltage. There are many solutions available.


thank rich, you learn something new every day. I will look into the LiPos.


Try choose 2s lipo , turnigy is a great brand and low price.




@rich will the ez-b handle the Straped 4 3S 5000mAh LiPos ? and what is the total voltage?


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@rich would this be fine? Turnigy nano-tech 5000mah 3S 35~70C Lipo Pack?


Yep, that will give you 11.4v.

If you parallel them (which is what I meant by strapping them together) the voltage doesn't increase, the capacity does. Connect all Vccs (red) to each other and connect all Grounds (black) together.


@aameralis the nano tech are awesome batteries but they are higher priced too they give the same ratings but are a few grams lighter for high end rc planes and helicopters. Take a look at this. This may be a tiny bit cheaper for you
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EDITED- I accidentally posted a 2s and edited it.


@aameralis does it need to be 12v? If not then a 2S will do. A 3S should be above 12v (just about), but to play it safe you may consider a 4S and a 12v regulator.