Just Picked Up An Omnibot From Ebay!


got one for $50 delivered! want to make and artoo to my 3po( Omnibot 3000 side kick).
had 4 at one time back in the 90's was gonna upgrade them but technology wasnt available like today. so i GAVE them away( dumb dumb). But now I can do it with the ez-b the way i wanted to back then. will post pics and progress as soon as he arrives.
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Can't wait! I dream of getting an omnibot 2000 or 5402. unfortunately they are rare in Canada and there aren't many omnibots that will ship to Canada. I'm just waiting till an omnibot pops up under "ship to Canada".


@aameralis ...good score, the omnibot is a classic and well loved bot on this forum!
@Technopro ....sounds like you want to build your "collection" as well Smile Us bot builders in the north know all about shipping for sure! Rather then wait for a production cool bot...keep working on an original, who knows maybe it will be famous one day too! Smile


Lol your going to have so many projects none will ever get finished Smile


No I'm pretty good at this stuff. Fabrication and design. You'd be surprise at the stuff I've made already.


@aameralis, on your icon, it seems that you have a lot of neat stuff. Snap some pix and let us see it.




THATS same price i got mine for ,or should say near the same cost for the other 4 omnibots 5402 ,one i got at a thrift store fair condition for $25 others range from $50 to $70 and one reason i wanted the $70 one was it has a remote and complete and in perfect condition.

SOME robots i get are only to restore to be in perfect condition.


CANT wait to see what you are going to do with omnibot 5402 you got.