My Omni-3000 Personal Robotic Assistant.


Love the upgrades. Looks like the spring tubes did the trick!. Nicely done!


@dsshulpius thanks, I love it.

here's another quick update on the hd servo casing and brackets for the neck upgrade.


I like the heavy duty brackcets.

I am going to make a suggestion to you. I have gotten really used to your videos and always can't wait for the next one. Once you finish the design, in theory this would stop. If you continued, the thread would be so long, it would take to long to load to be pratical. So, you would have to start a new thread.

BUT, in my minds eye, I see a new thread "Adding sensors to the Lexi-3000" In this thread you would dive deep into adding sensors.

Then, another thread on Programming the Lexi-3000.

Adding a cart to the Lexi-3000.

Then the final "Adventures with the Lexi-3000".

This last thread would never end.



@mel, I hated the long wait to when loading my thread. That's why I bookmark the last page. this way it loads instantly.


that is a good tip.


Ok this post will close out this thread and I will continue with a new thread titled " LeXI 3000 v3.0"


GREAT! I'll see you there.