My Omni-3000 Personal Robotic Assistant.


If a hacker can make my droid " FLY AWAY!" he deserves it, ha ha . Just kidding, I know, my security will be top notch have a few friends that are hackers and the have shown me a few tricks. But wifi is risky even with out the 4g. I have ar drones 2.0. 1 modded as the Blue Falcon and One upgrade stock. The stock one was hacked one day at the park and flew almost 400 ft away. The guy just wanted to watch me chase after it, landed it in a tree. But I know what you mean.


This project looks amazing!
I hope AR drones get better protection from hackers.
I was thinking of buying one and don't want it to fly away or land in a tree.
I hope you post some videos as you build your Omni-3000.


Well I decided to give the omnibot 3000 a boost in height. I was at Walmart and found a sturdy abs plastic tall garbage pail. Its about 3 ft tall and has a nice 'v' tapper shape. I'm going to flip it so the opening is on the bottom so its big enough to fit on top of the drivetrain and the smaller bottom which will now be the top will conform to omni's waist( will cut off the extra plastic right where the base and square chest meet.) so it flows seamlessly. This will make omnibot 3000 about 5' tall. I'm going to frame the inside of the pail to make it stronger and i'm gonna add "iron man style" flaps on the side reveling leds and dummy innards. pics and video to follow.


When are you doing the garbage can extension?


Sounds so cool.
Make sure he doesn't drive too fast and tip over!


@Jstarne this weekend. My day job(profession) is a Florist here in New Jersey. This week is Graduations so there keeping me busy. I will post as soon as I attach the body to the pail. Most likely this weekend.\
@mcsdaver wont tip over because of the added battery. I have AR drones and the battery issue made me go out and by 4 more batteries. this way I always have a spare. With the omni3000 2 batteries means stablity with weight and added run time. when battery a dies out battery b kicks in.


Almost forgot, i will be posting an interactive demo of omni3000 front end( user interface). The mp3 player came out sweet and what is cool is the animations of his diagnostics. makes it feel more realistic. all the interactions are touch enabled. you can run it on any platform that supports flash.


This is really a superb integration. I love the design on the tablet.


This is an awesome project.I am looking forward to the finish product.Congrats on your grad...woot!


@aameralis so what are your hobbies and skill sets? This is way outside the average florist's talents Smile