Omnibot 2000 Camera Pops Out Of Top Of Head.


I was thinking, why be like everyone else. Be different. Make an Omnibot 2000 upgrade an actual UPGRADE. Give him cool extras and new moving parts to make him seem more like a robot than a converted 80's toy. So my first change is of course his lighting. as seen in my other posts i added a led strip to the rear of his head which will pulsate like (kitts) light bar.I going to vacuum form his ear pieces in transparent blue plastic and light them up from behind. I'm adding a fully functional android tablet which I've decided on using my rooted Kindle fire hd 7". This will give him HD video,and Mp3 playback as well as interactive flash programs. So my newest idea is to have the wireless camera rise up from the top of his head. as in the drawing below, i will cut the large section from his head which will be the door/flap. when the camera is activated the flap opens and the camera rises up to the top about 1 inch from the head. it will be mounted to a micro servo so it can pan 180 degrees. my issue is how to make the camera rise using servos. and what is the best way to make the lid open and close via servos.
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Linkage or make whats call a linear screw servo.

Using linkage from servo city.also with a spring to open or close and have servo to open (close) depending what type of spring on one side and servo on the other side of the door panel

I you want to make a linear screw servo ,just need a worm gear,and long treaded rod
Very close to one used in omnibot 2000 hand


I look at your drawing and linear servo motors is what ,just attach the threaded rod to the camera as the camera rises the door will open.

This idea only need one servo's


as long as the door is light I would say use micro servos. I think you need to make the door attach right to the servos via the attachments like this:
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hope this helps.


for the raising of the camera, I would suggest a gear system run by a servo.


One servo can do both,only need a spring to keep it closed.


Let the camera lift the flip up lid, and gravity or a spring close the lid.
Lift the camera using some kind of platform and some linkage, I'm not home so can't sketch it but hope the explanation was clear enough.


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@aameralis...Rich is correct with the "flip up lid , and gravity or a spring to close" I would suggest you search the Forum here as it has many good threads such as
Also robotmaker has some good contributions but you must enable "ghosts" to see his comments.


Thats IROBOT58
Thats where the linear motor comes in using a threaded rod it lifts the camera up and opens the door and then as you bring down the camera the spring closes the door.
Can easy look up on how a linear motor using servo motor on the internet
MOST likely it will be very close to RICH'S drawing