Dj's Omnibot 2000 Head Setup.


How can I obtain more detailed info on the way DJ sets up the head on omnibot 2000. I watched the video again and notice he only uses a corner of the neck area with that clear epoxy to add a servo connector to make him look up and down. The video goes so fast and is limited on showing the whole process. Anyone know the details? DJ do you have a detailed tutorial on your omnibot 2000 assembly? Sorry for all the inquires but knowledge is the key to making my bots better.


You're probably going to find more information by looking over the showcase. There's one called OmniMC which has the neck servos set up from what I remember, I haven't seen an update on that project for a while though and not entirely sure how detailed it is.


@aameralis I am working to get the airsoft robots ready to rumble but that's pretty much the next thing I must do for Jarvis 2000. I can take some pictures and a short video. I used pan/ tilt brackets From which are 10 dollars each. Not the cheapest but I wanted something a bit stronger. You will want to use high torque servos for the neck , the head surprisingly is hard to hold up.


Here is a old video when I first mocked up the neck. I was demonstrating the neck positions But at the moment didn't have a ezb so I used a servo city 2 channel servo controller. The neck needed three lol. Anyways I hope this sparks ideas at least till I get you some more pictures and video. Given the cost of the servos


Thanks jstarne1! This helps and pics would be awesome. Im taking pics now of all my work as I go so I can help anyone looking do the same. Taking videos as well.


Does anyone have any thoughts,tips,pictures or videos on this? Working on a omnibot and would like to keep it as stock as possible. Most of the pictures for OmniMC's post are unavailable. The videos he has does help a little.