Omnibot 2000 Arm Servos


Ok I just ordered heavy duty MG995 Tower Pro Copper Servos for the upper arm and lower arm movement. My idea was simple, attach servos to center point of rotation on the arm and attach to body and same for lower but attach to upper arm. Looking for input if this is a sound way to go. Since im a newbie at this and i have a few days till they arrive i want to be ready to setup as soon as the arrive. So any help will be greatly appreciated. Also im not going to have the robot lifting heavy objects. I would say the heaviest would be a can of 12oz soda at max.


Heres what im looking to make as for his hands.


Hi! Would you sell me the gears of the arm/hands if you dont need them anymore?


@aameralis if you want different claws I would gladly trade your originals for build supplies. For example I have RH385 mabuchi motors to give your robot gearbox some fresh pep in its step. Email:

There are different methods members have used to add servos to The Omnibot 2000 arms. Most those methods include gutting the inside of all the gears and plastic mounts. One member wanted to keep the exact same range of motion so he attached a servo the the large " Transition gear" the large gear on the right.
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Personally I rather have more range of motion and have a individual servo for shoulder, elbow and claw.
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If you connect a servo to the center gear then the arm will actuate like normal. You may need to use a servo stretcher. Its a device that allows the 995 to turn 180 degrees , 90 in each direction. Just get it installed and then worry about how far it moves vs input signal later as that can be modified electronically.


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Motors I could potentially hook you up with. Winky


it looks like i will be getting rid of both claws from this omnibot build. the other omnibot I think I will keep the claws. All gears and sprockets are going . I will make list of all the unwanted parts I will have left over.


Thats great!