Contest :) Help Identifying A Replacement Capacitor


I have a DC to DC converter but a cap is torn off and is too damaged to solder. There are no legs to solder to. Anyways find me a economical replacement , and you get 2 higher torque 385 mabuchi 6 to 12v motors , excellent replacements for the rad robot with longer body but same diameter shaft. Shipping outside the USA you pay for. Okie dokie! Post where I can buy it in the USA from a store. Ebay does not count. Post the specs as you read them too Smile
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Hi res image
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Here ya go.
Hope this helps


Dang and troy is even giving you a tool to help Smile


Someone should get it soon! lolol


We shall see ::jeopardy music:: Winky

I purchased 8 Of these and I won't use them all so I figure I could share the extra robot parts goodness Smile


I've used those motors on a powerwheels quad, with the powerwheels gearbox it pulled my 35lb daughter up steep hills with little trouble.


Judging by the size its a 2.2 microfarad electrolytic cap with a 35v rating


It looks like a 330uf cap @ 35volts.


Don't forget I need to get a replacement... So where do I get that. First to link with a suitable replacement?