I'm Introducing Myself.


Hello !
Greetings from Poland. I'm computers engineer and I've started to build the robot Wall-e for my son Marcel :-)


Hi fisha welcome


Welcome fisha,
Congrarulation for your new born
Wall-e look great .


Welcome Smile


welcome fisha! Lots of support on the forum and many people have or are building the Wall-e. I am thinking Wall-e will be my second build...maybe Smile


Fisha, best wishes on your son Marcel. The Wall-e you built was great. Welcome to EZ-Robot. You will find many helpful people. I have grandparents from Poland and Italy.
Steve S


Welcome to the EZ-Robot community Fisha

I have not done a wall-e. Good job on yours !
An engineer? You should be teaching us then lol. Just kidding - Josh


Thank you all :-) - You can see my progress in project building: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/posts.aspx?threadId=3707




Thanks again,

Your knowledge is the best. I love to read yours posts to learn from you, how to build amazing projects - you are so special.
In my opinion Europe is very specific, they construct a robot but not have a fun in it. The robot must be usefull and helpfull or must win in something.
Nothing special only just for fun ;-) it is what was the reason that I've started to build the robot and this forum was the most inspiring for me :-)
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