Wall-e Wall-e From Poland - Tribute To My Newborn Child - Marcel :-)


I'm from Szczecin for your information Man and welcome in "the real world" :-)


I think that you can wait for offer to spent no more then 100$ for such a toy, rest is too much;-)


I sure like how your robot can show emotions! Very cool, good work.
Steve S


Thanks a lot Steve S. Actually, I've made some modifications in my project: 2 additional servos for arms, and the sinew between two parts of head to show emotions more softly (two parts of the head are more closely now - I minimalized the gap between the eyes ;-) In free time I will make some pictures or video. I've also changed mp3 trigger to wirelees audio transmitter (30m) - it is much better in quality and I can play any phrase on wall-e without any boundries (of course Pandoras bot too ;-). I've resolved the problem with the powering of my wall-e, now I have 5Ah acu, built with 2 slots (each 6x2500mAh AA acu) connected in pararell.


@fisha I haven't looked at alot of the walle projects but yours is awesome. I know its been said, but that eye emotion is great. I'm going to look at some of the others now just to compare. Truly inspiring.


Thank you, but you should see the project of Louis T - it was amazing!

Louis T. project rules ;-)

Mine is only some kind of copy with some additional stuff ;-)
All wouldn't be possible without DJ Sures
And wall-e is very kind type of robot ;-)


It is the first step for me and amazing for Wall-e ;-)

and... the Masters of the second scene ;-)


I love the expressions. The LED bar is cool. Do you have it hooked to an amp or sound servo?
The video is great.
Thanks for sharing.
Steve S


Thanks. The mouth LED bar is VU meter which I made and it is connected to amp of course


Upgrade for voltage Bar meter and exact voltage metering in the back ;-)

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