Face Recognition Working On Ez-builder


Here is face recognition working on EZ-Builder shown by Mike our lead programmer.

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That's awesome news, I assume you used external software for the face recognition part? If so, I'd be very interested in knowing the methods used to bridge the gap between the software.

Edit: If I would have looked closer I'd have known Smile Telnet works OK I assume (great news for me as this is how I plan to do similar in the very near future)


Great work
This is very good news that I was looking for.
Hope to share this soon.


Oh yeah, and is your software going to be available to us? Free or paid? How do I get it? I can think of a whole bunch of uses for it on my Jarvis project just off the top of my head.


Wow! I am extremely interested in this. This is a big step. Hope it will be available to all of us.


OK, I'm completely looking forward to seeing where this goes!


Our plans are to make an EZ-B and EZ-Builder version of our EZ:2 robot if we can get an agreement with DJ in place which is currently in discussion. If and when this is in place then the full EZ:2 development will be available to existing EZ-B users (to purchase) from an amazing looking new body, head and arms right down to the face recognition module when the development phase is complete. Users will be able to buy whatever parts of the EZ;2 robot kit they want, some may just go for the amazing professional looking molded body shell while others will probably buy the whole robot. We have no pricing yet, but we want all this to be available at hobbyist level and affordable.


I know this may be a dumb question but will this only be available with the EZ:2 robot or can will marry the software to our existing robot. Great job though I have been wanting face rec for a long time.


@Tymtravler Like all components of the EZ:2 robot, face recognition will be available for existing EZ-B users to use on their own robots, glad you like it, EZ-Builder with face recognition is going to be awesome!


is this really going to happen? In an earlier post you said you are still talking and working things out with DJ.