B.O.B. Bret's OmniBot


I love its simplicity!


I'm nothing if not simple minded...
Actually it is just a slight modification to what DJ did with his omnibot.


@bret.tallent Any updates on B.O.B? I'd love to see some video of the arm with multiple servos running. *cool*

I've finally gotten my bot disassembled and I'm still trying to decide the best way to actuate the arms vs. my skill level. BTW, once I got the arms apart I finally grasped what you were saying in the Robie Sr. thread.

I know you mentioned that DJ made the same kind of arm servo modifications to his Omnibot, but I don't remember ever seeing his Omnibot's arms move. *confused*


Yeah, he never showed that. I am finally assembling the multiple servo arm (hope to finish this weekend), then I will test it out and hopefully have some video. Winky at the very least I will take pics of the elbow and wrist joints, and how I attached the claw. Then hope it all works LOL Grin Have you begun any mods yet?


@bret.tallent - That sounds good. I'm sure we'd all enjoying seeing what you've been up to with the arms and the CLAW! Grin

No, I'm still in a "parts gathering" stage... went to one of the home improvement stores yesterday and looked for anything that might be useful. Very good prospects in the PVC pipe aisle. I'll have to bring a few of my bot's parts to the store next time to do some fit tests to be sure, but definitely worth the trip!


Wrist using a micro servo
User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Arm and Elbow:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


So I finally finished the work on Bob's new arm and claw. I still need to hook it up and test it out (and post a video) but Christmas is putting alittle damper on my building time. So here are some pics!
The new arm - woohoo!
User-inserted image
Cool Claw!
User-inserted image
Wrist close up! The support tube is PVC pipe epoxied onto the arm.
User-inserted image


*cool* Now that's a claw worthy of the name! *eek*

The claw... it... calls to me...



Only 10 bucks at Sparkfun!


So here is Bob showing off some of his cool lighting. I used the original face plate and added LEDs. Also, note the servo where the ping sensor is being mounted.

And here he is sporting his new claw.

User-inserted image
And here is the EZ-B in the cassette tray. I have a cooling fan at the back.

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User-inserted image