B.O.B. Bret's OmniBot


I believe you can - I just got a $10 generic off ebay with dual joysticks on it - usb. It works great so far.


Oh ok so your using a ps3 type Bluetooth controller , that's great.


@ jstarne1,

I think I saw a post on this a while ago...the thread discussed hooking up a PS3 controller wired with 3rd party drivers. Just found a thread describing how to do it BT as well..... Looked pretty cumbersome....I actually think buying a wireless one off ebay might be easier Winky Let me know if you find an easy PS3 controller solution......but $10 is not too bad to have a dedicated ROBOT wireless controller.




Wireless would definitely have been nice, but money talks. The USB connection to the laptop isn't bad. I had a lot of fun playing with him last night -


Easy way to get Bob to talk is add a wireless bluetooth speaker to him.
Then any PC sound comes out of BOB.
If you turn off the wireless speaker then sound comes from your regular speakers again.
Would work for B9 also.
I just paid for a 24 inch B9 from ebay.
Hope to get it soon and start modding him.
I have 2 old RAD robots, but I may use something else to drive him.
I need to finish my humanoid first.


@mcsdaver - thanks, that's a good idea. I actually bought an mp3 trigger set up for B9 and I will use it's auxillary outputs to drive the voice box lights of the B9. But the bluetooth speaker is a good idea for BOB. If you look at my thread for my B9 I used a RAD 1.0 track base for the drive section and it really zips around with a 12V battery in him. Plus I use a servo to change the gear selector for high or low gear. Do you have any progress/pics of your humanoid project? I would like to see that. I think my next hack is going to be K-9 from Dr. Who. I have a 12" RC one that does not work so is a prime candidate for EZ-B.


I am trying to build my humanoids head before showing him off.
He has a Robosapien V2 upper body with my robotic arms I had on my C3PO.
I may get back to C3PO sometime, but I want to get this robot from a story I am writing built first.
The arms have 7 servos each and the head will have 2 servos and the camera.
I am rebuilding the legs from the Robosapien to see if I can make it walk more human like and be a bit taller. I wanted to use the hands too, but they are too big for my robot.
The V2 hands have fingers as long as mine.
I have been following your Bob build and your B9. You are doing great on both robots.
I have 2 RAD robots to use for parts, but I may use something else for B9.
If I could find a good head for him I would build a much bigger B9. I have two 1/6 scale tanks.
One is in perfect shape, the other wont drive reverse anymore. Could rebuild it into a much larger B9 or a Johnny 5 robot. It couldn't handle a full scale B9. I do have wheelchair motors for large robot fun.


so, he is also sort of a Franken-Bot. Can't wait to see him.



@ MovieMaker
Yes, a franken-bot of sorts. I started a thread for mine so I wont take over Bob's build.
Pics soon.