Graphics Card Utilized For Increased Processed Video Performance


I read somewhere that the onboard graphics adapter and possibly external video card was going to be utilized to speed up processed video and overall get more efficiency from your project. Was this implemented? The reason I ask is I have a nvidia gt 560ti video card for Jarvis and as usual my motherboard has a modest HD video processor. If the video card actually smooths out processing of video and then live stream I may take the time to build a mount for it. This is because Jarvis mini it mounts upside down. However if this was not implemented nor are there any plans I will stick with onboard video.


Yes the video card is used for video and many graphical controls. It will use the card if hardware supported - otherwise it will use the CPU. Smile

The low frame rate of processed video is not due to CPU limitations. If the frame rate was any higher, your robot would be jumping around and reacting funny. The frame rate is limited to the speed of servos and communication speed to the ezb.


OK thanks - Josh