Bluetooth Cat Tail My Sister Built , Attract Wildlife And Other Cats


I love it! Grin


I think that puts a different twist on robot building. Very cool.
Steve S


lol....thats great, i can see that going global! the singing fish a few years ago. better slap a patent on it.


I guess it could be a cat toy too Tongue


WhAT kind of processor did she use,i hope its EZB


My cat would go crazy chasing that. It is great.



Josh, very cool maybe your sister should become a toy inventor!


She likes robot bugs , she really likes HeX bugs and has a small collection. I could see her wanting to build a hexapod or something. She really wants to build a robot and go to the maker fair to show it off but due to the amount of people that are going to be there my mom is not keen on the idea.


Extremely awesome. Put that on a roomba and you have a great cat toy. They would go nuts for it. Tell her job well done!


So, creativity and smarts run in your whole family. Good Job little lady!