Omni Wheel Question


Possible or impossible with EZB?

Omni wheel movement in this video.

Modified Servo Movement Panel only accepts 2 servos, could the custom Movement Panel be able to control 4 independent motors/servos etc, like in the video?

Thanks in advance.


Custom Movememnt Panel can support pretty much anything. So yes, I believe this would be possible Smile


Thanks rich. I'll prolly bug you more when I get back to California and get 4 of the wheels to play with.


You will be limited still to 4 directions and stop. So you would need to decide if left turns left or moves left.
Scripts can sort out the rest. With joystick control you could assign buttons or sticks to move left and right and turn left and right.


Yea FX Its possible but moving with omni wheels requires variation in speed , so there would be scripting involved for more than 4 directions


Ah yes, good thinking. I was hoping for autonomous operation, but it does get complex with regards to turning or rolling in a direction. Ok may rethink this one.


Autonomous could work but would need a script to determine if to turn or to move.

I thought that it was based on direction for the movements, the normal forward, reverse, left & right and then the front and rear moving opposite direction to move sideways...


Honestly Fx its really a novelty and only needed in very specific applications. Otherwise the typical right / left wheel steering is the most efficient. The most manueverable in tight spaces is the 2wd centered with casters in the front and back. They can turn in place easily.
User-inserted image


While a novelty I can see benefits to them too. For instance, object avoidance, rather than turn, forward, turn back, forwards, turn again, forwards, turn back to go around something it just moves out, forwards, move in.

Hope that made sense.


Yes Rich, that's what I like the glide side to side without wheels rotating 90 degrees move, then back 90 to side step. Really the only reason I was looking into it. Also similar to the balancing ball robots that can move all about.