Make A Large Scale 3d Printer To Build A House , Crazy


Instead of plastic its a concrete pump which is significantly simpler in comparison to how when think 3d printing is normally done. I thought this was impressive because they errected this robot on site then built a house in 20 hours.


Imagine how terrible for the environment that is. He mentions that it is good, but I don't know how he justifies that! Imagine you need to repair an outlet or wire. Or imagine you need to modify a room or repair a wall.

Even worse, building that home would leave no stress points. Even a concrete building has points within the foundation, between some floors and joices.


Concrete bad? I imagine it would be a pain to do he improvements once its built!


Concrete bad for improvements because you have to tear the entire wall down rather than a small part.

I still think it's neat! Super neat concept.

There's this stuff that I watched a house be built with a few years ago. It looks like lego bricks. They first put down a concrete base. Out of the concrete base are rebars sticking up where the walls go. Then they have these large light foam lego brick type parts. They place these lego bricks over the rebar. The rebar sticks through the bricks. Then they just build the house.

When it's done, they fill the center of the lego bricks with a concrete type mixture that holds them in place. Voila! It was really neat to see


I like this form of construction


That's a very cool video , I really am a sucker for videos