Nothing To Do With Robots


Hey Everyone! This has nothing to do with robots, just one of the members of EZ Robot Community. I just wanted to let you all know that I have published my first book! It is available as an ebook at
The Winter People

It is Horror.




Members of this community are really resourceful...

Congratulations Bret!


Congratulation .



thats so awesome!


Congrats dude! Celebrity status Grin


Nice one, well done Smile

I read a little of the start of it on Amazon, you described most of my male friends with the bit about the balls in a jar Smile I may check it out when I get chance to sit down and read something that's neither educational or for reference...


Congratulations Brett. Now I have to go out and buy a Kindle.

If you are ever interested in making it into a movie, I know an independent movie producer and distributor. (I did some animations for one of his films). He's always looking for ideas. Of course it would be a step for him to take on another movie, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Either way, good luck with the book!


Great Bret! Now we just need to write a book about EZ Robots Success ! Really though I plan on buying it next week.


Thank you all! It is very exciting for me. @Danger that would be cool, a movie would be sweet! Thank you.


The Winter People talk in the wind and torment you in your dreams...... and, and,... an enourmous blizzard! Wow, that's classic! I gotta get this one. Grin