Robots With Dance Skills , Hey He Can Do The Robot!


Walking robots duke it out. The red one has some agility.


First part of the introduction is boring but they get more active and are spread apart half way through the video. This was robonova promo display.

I imagine with ezb auto position feature getting creations to dance is EZ !


Robot martial arts

Man ez robot needs their own biped!


It is easy making them dance with auto position, as my hearoid will demonstrate once completed Smile Quite the task for a robot with no legs and currently no arms but it's why I'm struggling to be satisfied with the arms...


Awesome Rich , I'm a fan of your project. Are you gonna name him ? Besides the donor toy name? - Josh S


He is currently Melvin (Mobile Emulated Life Virtual Intelligence Node). I like names to have hidden meanings (like JARVIS) but I'm tempted to change that to something with a bit more flash and balls like Captain Crash Smile.