Robot Captain Ann Droid


Great job so far Steve! I do think the soud activated mouth woul be a big improvment.


What fun! Nice work!


For the sound activated mouth light, try connecting a light up to one of the digital ports (TIP circuit or LED direct to signal & ground) and use the Sound Servo under Servos in add control. It gets brighter with volume and gives a nice effect with speech Smile


Great looking robot Steve. Welcome to the forum. I will be following your progress.

Where did you get the voice that you are using for your robot? It sounds very clear.


Excellent work Steve ! I love the way you recycle/use ordinary household materials. We're on the same wavelenght ! Keep it coming !


Thanks for positive comments.
I am sure glad I stumbled upon EZ Robot. My son said I should build a wireless robot after demonstrating my 25 yr. old robot to my grandkids. They love the new robot. The 3 yr. old is not sure, hides behind a chair.
Rich, I will have to try a LED somtime for the sound effect as a mouth. Thanks. I tried stopping some startup programs with my Vista system, but no "processed video". It looks like other people have had success changing to "Windows 7 (starter).
I sure like the new debug feature in EZB.

I will try to attach a link for the Radio Shack bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth speaker


Steve, don't forget I asked you a question. It is "Where is your notebook installed."



Project looks very good Steve


I think you are asking about my pc notebook? I do not have my pc laptop on board my robot. I can see alot of advantages for onboard pc (speech, controls, screen, etc.)
I went back and took another look @ your robots, very cool. Do you have any more updates on either unit?
I noticed you have navigation on your smaller robot, I would like to try that sometimes. Are there any special Irobot Create features or issues you have used or noticed? Do you use a docking station to charge your Create?
I sure appreciate EZ Robot community.
There are so many great robot people to learn from.
Steve S


SteVE any help you need about roomba or create that is one of the items i know mostly about

I design upgrades like higher torque motors,dual battery design for roomba ,plus i also sell my roomba's

I sold one to moviemaker (mel)

Good luck to your project it looks very cool that you done with a waste basket