Robot Captain Ann Droid


if fun to see those video's again.


Thanks Patrick, just playing around.
You were awesome spotting the wiring locations on that 6.
Steve S


you mean six?melted one?


hi how did u make the body for captain an droid


Captain Ann's main body is a designer waste container I purchased @ Target.
I think the link below is similar
I rounded the ends of a 1" x 3" with a jigsaw to fit inside the body and give her an elongated wide shape.
Her shoulders are PVC pipe cut down the length to about 1/3 of its original diameter. The neck is PVC cut to fit the curve of the shoulders.
I trimmed flexible milky white cutting board to fit inside the diameter of the silver body.

I read your EZ profile and look forward to any future projects.
Steve S


thanx i went for a similar design as you however i carved it out of insulation board which i highly recommend as it is strong light, and very easy to work with